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Welcome to Project Dart!

  • Project DART (Disability Awareness Resource Team) is a group of advocates and volunteers joining together to provide direct services to people with disabilities in the Portland Tri-county area.

  • We provide information and resources to the State Of Oregon and beyond.

  • DART advocates have expertise in advocacy for people with disabilities within the justice system.

  • DART advocates have knowledge regarding managing care provider relationship and preventing or dealing with abuse from caregivers.

  • DART advocates are knowledgeable in abuse/safety and crime awareness for people with disabilities.

  • We hope that people will find information, resources, support and friendship from our online community.

  • DART Referal Form

    DART Brochure July-2016

    Suicide Prevention Chat Website

    Pregnancy Project

    Pregnancy Project Description

    Healing Pathways Flyer

    Below there is a cartoon image of an elderly woman wearing a small white cap, wire-rimmed glasses and a long dress. She is very frail looking and is seated in a wheelchair. She has one of her arms raised over her head as if she would like to dance, there is an old phonograph in the background sitting on a table. She is seated in front of a large mirror and the image she sees is that of an elegant dancing woman in a ball gown. The caption reads "How Others see you is not important, How you see yourself means everything."

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