Disabilities Awareness Resource Team

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A Safe Place to Connect with Others Disability Awareness Resource Team Invites People with Disabilities
To Join Us for An Online Open Discussion Group For Ladies
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Do you feel alone, isolated? Do you feel like nobody understands? Does life have you feeling down? Have you been the victim of a crime? Are you experiencing caregiver abuse? Are you experiencing financial abuse, domestic violence or sexual assault, or have you in the past?

You Are Not Alone! Please join our new Online Support Group for women with disabilities. Have an opportunity to discuss important issues or concerns that are on your mind and connect with others to find resources, information and friendship. Membership is free & Confidential

To Join:

For More Information Contact:

Roxie Mayfield

Disability Awareness Resource Team (D.A.R.T.) Empowerment Group

Please join us for an EMPOWERMENT GROUP for women with disabilities who have experienced abuse, domestic violence and/or other forms of victimization.

  • Build friendship and support with women from all walks of life
  • Connect with relevant information, resources, and advocacy
  • Develop effective ways to manage and treat depression
  • Be equipped with safety, crime awareness resources & education
  • Suggest topics that are important to you and have opportunities for group     leadership.

  • Suicide Help: Suicide Prevention Chat Website

    Monthly Meeting: Please call or email for future group dates.

    Location: Gateway Center 10305 E. Burnside St Portland, Or 97216

    To Enroll or for More Information, contact Jill Tucker or Jan Campbell at Gateway Center
    project_dart@aol.com or (503) 988-6481 ext 86481

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