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Lizzi McNeff, DART Founder

Photo of Lizzi McNeff, DART Founder

DART’s founder Director Elizabeth A. McNeff (Lizzi) passed away April 22, 2016. As the founder of Disability Awareness Resource Team (DART), she had a long history of providing leadership, direct services, conducting person-centered research, developing programs, and facilitating trainings. DART is a team of advocates and volunteers with disabilities who join together to provide advocacy and support for people with disabilities experiencing life challenges, trauma and/or abuse.

Lizzi’s sister said, "she was a pistol from the beginning – dimpled , spunky, loving, joyful, strong willed, and adverturesome. She grew into an incredible woman of courage, passion, generosity, loyalty, intellectual brilliance, and unparallelled work ethic. Courage, especially, epitomized her life, no matter the circumstances or what she faced".

She was incredibly strong in every way, she had no time for whiners, excuse–makers or persons who chose to stay stuck. Like Grandma Moses, Lizzi believed life is what you make it. She was a healer, and her passion for justice was unending.

Poem: For Tracey Dumas and all of the other women who are on their Sojourner Journey

Woman, you are here
In the middle, arms out
A corn plant, beans growing up her stalk, surrounded by squash plants in full blossom sustenance
Waiting to bear fruit, oozing fertility and vitality...strength
Woman, you are proud
A candle in your right hand with a basket of tumbling scented flowers
Secure in the nook of your elbow
Sunflower plant behind, protecting you from the rain and blazing sun
Woman, you are bold
Don't get too wet or cold; don't let your skin burn
Chin tilted up, eyes seeing
Mouth relaxed, finally at peace because your words have been heard
Woman, you are humble
Beckoning to our Mother Earth Goddess
As we all have a little Goddess in us
Strength, passion, unityHealing Pathways logo
Woman, you are divine
Gifted, gifted
With the unique pioneer Spirit within
Surrounded by life; you are life
Woman, you are you

Written by: Lizzi McNeff 3/31/09