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Please Note! Due to COVID-19, all DART advocates are working remotely until further notice.

  • Project DART (Disability Awareness Resource Team) is a group of advocates and volunteers joining together to provide direct services to people with disabilities in the Portland Tri-county area.
  • We provide information and resources to the State Of Oregon and beyond.
  • DART advocates provide advocacy for people with disabilities within the justice system.
  • DART advocates have knowledge regarding managing care provider relationship and preventing or dealing with abuse from caregivers.
  • DART advocates are knowledgeable in abuse/safety and crime awareness for people with disabilities.
  • We hope that people will find information, resources, support and friendship from our online community.
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Grants and Contracts Administrator
Patricia A.
Advocate and Group Facilitator
Jan C.
Volunteer Coordinator, Advocate and Group Facilitator
Sue W.
Volunteer Advocate and Online Support
Roxie M.
Advocate- Bilingual English/Spanish Speaking
Angie C.
Lizzi McNeff

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Email Address: dartcounseling1@outlook.com


We firmly believe that volunteers contribute to the success of our program. We value our volunteers, their unique experiences, talents skills and time. Volunteer opportunities include administrative assistant, advocacy and personal assistant for groups. We have a variety of days and time available for volunteer opportunities.

All volunteers are provided with meaningful training opportunities. Volunteers interested in direct services are required to have a background check. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with DART, please click here and select "I would like to volunteer" from the Subject drop-down list.

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